Friday, June 3, 2011

Inspired by Log Cabin Crochet!

This morning, I started working on a new afghan that I’ll give as a Christmas gift later this year.  Yes, I know it’s only June.  And no, I’m not crazy.  It’s just that I love being organized, I love crocheting and I love giving Christmas gifts. So what’s a highly-organized crocheter who loves Christmas going to do in June?  Get started on making gifts, of course!

I’ve known for months that I wanted to make an afghan, but it was only recently that I finally found a pattern that I thought would suit this person.  It’s the Log Cabin pattern.  Here's some photo inspiration for what I’m thinking of doing:

Granny's Log Cabin by Neatly Tangled
Image of <font color=red>Log</font> <font color=red>Cabin</font> <font color=red>Afghan</font>
Log Cabin Afghan by Lion Brand
And the afghan that originally got me interested in trying this out-
The Half Log Cabin Ombre Blanket at The Purl Bee

Log Cabin Bliss!

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