Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Booties

Don't you just love baby feet?  So little and soft and sweet... and needing of some adorable booties!

Photo: New Free Photos

I've been wanting to make some baby booties for a while now.  After two failed attempts to "just make some," I finally admitted that I needed a pattern.  An hour or two later, I found two patterns on the web that I was ready to try.  These little beauties are from a pattern by Lion Brand that you can find here.

Verdict: they are cute and they will match a hat I made earlier.  They are not, however, as amazing as I want my booties to be.  Next up, is to try another pattern I found.  And if that doesn't work- let's be honest, even if it does work- I'm going to have to go freestyling some more!

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