Friday, August 19, 2011

WIP Sweater

About a month ago, I was out of town and stopped in a yarn shop looking for a space to crochet. It was a lovely spot and the owner and her grandchildren were wonderful. The sweet granddaughter was my little friend for the day showing me all around, helping me choose yarn, telling me about her half-started project, and giving me her opinion of the project I was working on. Simply adorable!

I did, with my little friend's help, find some pretty purple cotton-wool blend to take home. After looking around a bit, I found the perfect use for my yarn via Aethestic Nest. Following her directions, I used up most of the 200gms of deep purple yarn I picked up on this baby sweater.

I couldn't get a picture that does this yarn justice- it's actually deep purple with a gentle sheen.

Lastly, although the body is finished, I still need to find the perfect buttons. Maybe something clear or purple or even wood-grain would be nice.

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  1. Ooo! How lovely. And what a beautiful memory attached to the buying of the yarn. This sweater must be for a very special little someone. They will be very blessed by this gift of love. And I think that wood buttons would be superb!