Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sleepy Girl

Miss Mollie spends most of her time dozing in her bed or on the couch between us.  And recently, she's taken a real liking to my bathrobe as her preferred bedding.  We'll come out of the kitchen to find her curled up on it on the couch.  It's adorable... but it was starting to pose a problem for me since I like to wear my bathrobe.   

To solve this problem and update her bedding in general (we had been using some old towels), I picked up some very plush, pink fabric at Joann's over the weekend.  It feels exactly like my robe and I picked up enough to make two separate blankets for her. They're stacked up here on her bed.

The blanket on the top was a piece of remnant flannel I found on my way out of the store.  It was about $1 and almost a yard in length.  I thought it would be cute with a pink border added to it.  After sewing the edges, I added a simple blanket-stich to the edge

I think they turned out cute.  And I think it's safe to say that Mollie likes them, too!

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